Awesome Adventure Series

At AAS Press, we know teachers and kids are bored with courses based around grammar and sets of vocabulary. 

We designed integrated courses which bring together great songs, innovative storytelling and genuinely communicative activities based around them. 

Check out our videos below for more details!

Level 1: Coming Soon

Level 2: Coming Soon

Level 3: Available Now!

Level 4: Available Now! 

Features in the series

The best way to understand how the Awesome Adventure Series work is by watching how three consecutive units build on each other. Check out how the 3 elements of song, story and communicative activities create a powerful learning experience for these kids.

Tips for teachers

Feeling a bit intimidated by teaching with songs or other unfamiliar materials and techniques? Have a look at one of our videos for teachers. This video will make teaching with songs one of your go-to teaching tools.