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We make awesome graded comic readers for young learners of English.

Awesome Adventure Series Level 1

Where's My Place?

Where's My Place? is part of the Awesome Adventure Series and follows the main character Leo as he moves to a new town, a new home and a new school. Join Leo and his family as he tries to fit in and makes friends with a magical creature called Myu. Maybe a little magic can help him to find his place in the world.

Level 1

Awesome Adventure Series Level 2

Change Your Season

Change Your Season is part of the Awesome Adventure Series and follows main characters Roy and Kate as they go in search of Roy's friend Ali. Join them as they travel through Spring Country, Summer Country, Fall Country and Winter Country and find out how Ali has created chaos. But maybe some chaos is what these countries need! Change Your Season and change the world in this exciting adventure.

Level 1

Awesome Adventure Series Level 3

Back to Save the Earth!

Back to Save the Earth! is part of the Awesome Adventure Series, which follows Mia, Noa and their uncle Zorn. Join them as they try to avoid chores, investigate robots, summon unicorns and try to save the inhabitants of their world. It's an exciting and hilarious series that will capture the imagination of any learner.

Level 1

Awesome Adventure Series Level 4

Find Your Way

Find Your Way is part of the Awesome Adventure Series, follows four main characters Kahlo, Taylor, Nina and Declan as they make their way through a maze, solving problems and learning in their own way. This quirky action packed adventure helps young learners to reflect on the seemingly complex themes of motivation, multiple intelligences, friendship and how we learn things.

Level 1

Awesome Phonics Adventure Series

The Magic Bell, The Wet Kingdom

The Awesome Phonics Adventures books are designed as a course that can be used inside and outside the classroom. This course, which is based on current EFL theory along with the popular Letters and Sounds Programme published by the British Department for Education and Skills, utilizes songs and stories to engage learners and make learning more meaningful.

Level 1

Awesome Art

Aesthetics matter. Kids should want to pick up learning materials before they even know what's inside.

Awesome Music

Real music, not nursery rhymes, with properly graded language. Kids will keep singing even outside the classroom.

Awesome Content

Plots that resonate with young learners, not babies. Meaningful communicative tasks that make kids engage their brains.